Remote Learning

In the event of pupils having to self-isolate, a class bubble is sent home or a local Lockdown, the online platform will be used as a virtual classroom where pupils and parents will engage in an adapted timetable of their usual daily lessons from home. Where pupils are unable to access online learning and the appropriate equipment is not available home-learning and remote learning will be supplemented through Year Group specific packs.

Seesaw is our new remote learning app that is being used in school for years 1 through 6.

Seesaw helps us work together to provide students with meaningful learning experiences at home. Your child’s teacher will use Seesaw to share learning activities and resources, capture your child’s learning, and communicate feedback to the children through the app.

Seesaw will be used for home learning as well as in the event that there is a bubble that has to isolate or another school closure. We have set seesaw up now so that if those things were to happen then the children are already familiar with the app and we are prepared.

Each child has been given laminated copies of their login details and how the app works. For further help getting your child logged in and further information, watch the video at: What is seesaw?

When learning is required during a lockdown or bubble closure on seesaw there will be:

• A daily reading task

• A daily writing session

• A daily Maths session

• Weekly Mental Maths

• Weekly Spelling skills

• Science, topic or art activities throughout the week

If your child is self-isolating home learning will be set on seesaw in line with the learning taking place in school.

Seesaw can be used in a web-browser by going to seesaw  or by downloading seesaw class on the applestore or google playstore. 

Example timetable for a year group during a lockdown or bubble closure:

For foundation we will be using Tapestry as an online learning journal. An example of Foundations weekly timetable:


Remote Education Provision Information for Parents/Carers

Please click for our Remote Learning Policy