Ethos and Values

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

At Hill Top Academy our motto is:   

  •  All share a relentless drive to support every child to make better than good progress in their learning to reach their full potential – Raising Standards 
  •  Have the highest expectations of all children and staff – Raising Expectations
  •   Ensure all children become highly motivated and can challenge themselves to meet high expectations and aspirations – Raising Aspirations
  •   Help children develop high self-esteem-respecting and taking responsibility for themselves, others and the environment – Raising Confidence
  •   Recognise and reward success – Rewarding Success
  •   Deliver consistently high quality lessons which enable students to learn well – Teaching and Learning
  •  Develop independent learning, communication, literacy and numeracy skills across all subject areas—Core skills
  •  Provide a creative and challenging curriculum which is personalized to meet the needs of all students – Curriculum
  •  Create a variety of opportunities to promote students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development – SMSC
  •  Learning partnerships between school, home and the community – Community Cohesion
  •   We will continually strive to achieve the school’s aims through the formal curriculum and through all the other experiences offered to our children.  High quality education will raise the children’s standards of attainment, enabling them to:
  •   Develop their use of English and Maths which provide the foundation for all their other learning
  •   Learn social skills that encourage agreeable interactions between their peers as well as adults 
  •   Treat everyone in an equal manner, irrespective of gender, race, class or disability
  •   Develop personal and moral values that are respectful of others, leading to their appreciation and toleration of other religions and other ways of life
  •   Learn in a safe and secure environment, in keeping with Health and Safety Regulations that are in the interests of all whom work in the school.