Single Equality Statement

Hill Top Academy is a fully inclusive school and our vision is for all children to take part as full as possible in every part of school life and to develop into independent life-long learners who are resilient and caring individuals, striving for excellence and equality; making a positive contribution in a diverse and changing society.


In planning the curriculum and resources the school will take every opportunity to promote and advance equality.

Hill Top Academy will take steps to advance equality of opportunity, foster good relations and eliminate discrimination or harassment across all the protected characteristics (age, race, gender reassignment, disability, marriage and civil partnership, religion and belief, pregnancy and maternity, gender, sexual orientation) within the school community.


The aims of Hill Top Academy describe the education, ethos and the values the school wishes to promote. Our aims are to promote a working partnership with all stakeholders, we will seek the views of advisory staff and outside agencies and partnerships with other schools where this is needed to provide high achievement and life-long learning. As a school we seek to serve the local and wider community by offering children a caring and educationally rich learning environment in which to flourish as individuals and become increasingly valuable members of society.