Our Academy

Hill Top Academy offers 350 mainstream, mixed sex, primary academy places, covering the age range 3 to 11 years in addition to a 52 place Nursery.

Hill Top Academy is a spacious building with each class having an addition space off of their classrooms for more focused group work in order to further their learning. Hill Top Academy is also fortunate that we have a spacious hall, food technology space, Library and ICT facilities, whilst the grounds provide wonderful opportunities for sporting and environmental activities.

The Academy has an excellent staff team appropriate to the number of pupil admissions. Pupils throughout the Academy are taught in classes not exceeding 25 by fully qualified teachers. The academy has is led by Principal - Rachael MacLeod, who is supported by our 2 Vice Principals and Senior Leadership team.

Lower Foundation to Year 2
In Early Years Foundation Stage, children are taught by highly skilled teachers who, supported by their own teaching assistants, ensure that the first years at Hill Top Academy are successful and happy ones. In classes buzzing with activity, the youngest children will be absorbed in the fun and adventure of learning.

Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1), children build upon the excellent formative experience in Foundation Stage with expert and innovative teaching by dedicated teachers and teaching assistants adding breadth to academy life.

7-11 YEARS
Years 3 to 6
Each class has its own teacher and teaching assistant. From year 5. By their final year at Hill Top Academy, our aim is to ensure that children in Year 6 are confident and articulate individuals ready to transfer to Secondary School.