Pupil Parliament

British Values at Hill Top Academy

Hill Top Academy promotes and upholds the British Values of Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. 

An understanding of democracy is developed through our academy’s Pupil Parliament made up of key stage 2 children. Children had to apply for positions within parliament. Those that applied for head ambassador and deputy ambassador then gave a presentation during a whole school assembly. Following a whole school vote, members were the elected to Pupil Parliament. Within our Pupil Parliament, MPs were each given a role within a team which include: health and safety team, achievement team, health and well-being team, secretary, accountants, sports reporters, events team, eco team, head ambassador and deputy ambassador.

Hill Top’s  Members of Pupil Parliament:

  •  Meet regularly to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect the children’s learning and learning environment. 
  •  Organise their own meetings.
  •  Decide on their agenda.
  •  Share ideas from their constituents. 
  •  Vote on a number of school-related issues. 

The lead party take on the roles of head ambassador and Secretary within the meetings. Meeting minutes are shared on the Pupil Parliament display board inside the academy.

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