Curriculum Overview

‘Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day!’


Our curriculum design structure is underpinned by these core areas:

  • Subject-specific domains which ensure progression of knowledge (Concepts), skills and values in order to lead to application, synthesis and evaluation. We value the potential of each subject and promote experts within these areas in order to build aspirations for our pupils.
  • All areas of learning will be organised around key enquiry questions in order promote learner independence, self-confidence and ownership over the learning journey. As part of this, learners will be entitled to a variety of experiences to ensure that the learning connects to purpose, context and real-life application.
  • A Text-led approach will drive each of the learning themes in order to expose our learners to quality literature. This will include narrative, poetry and non-fictional text in order to develop the imagination of our pupils.
  • Vocabulary development in context is a key driver for our curriculum structure. We want our pupils to understand language and be able to communicate in a range of settings and situations. Language will be ‘taught’ throughout all areas of learning and not ‘caught’ in order to close the attainment gap for all our pupils.
  • Basic skills teaching will be fundamental to improving the life chances of all our pupils. Our curriculum begins with the high-quality teaching of basic skills (reading, writing, number and speaking and listening), which are then practised through a series of well-planned contexts and cross-curricular themes. We aim to provide thematic and contextualised learning experiences where children are encouraged to make links across subjects in order to broaden their general knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Progressive key performance indicators will ensure that we can assess our learners accurately and provide personalised programmes of learning in order to maximise progress from their starting points.
  • Our learning pedagogy will have equal focus and underpin all our curriculum to ensure that pupils gain a greater understanding of how they learn and the skills of resilience, collaboration, participation, investigation, thinking, creativity, motivation and reflection.

Whole school curriculum overview 2021-2022

EYFS overview

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Information about how our curriculum complies with our duties in the Equality Act 2010 can be found in our Equality and Diversity Policy in the Policies section.

How we make the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities or special educational needs is outlined in our SEND Policy and Information Report in the SEND section.

Equality Objectives