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Welcome to Hill Top Academy

The story of Hill Top Academy may be a short one, as we only officially became Hill Top Academy in April 2017 but even in that short amount of time, the work that staff and children have put in has created some many wonderful memories and learning.

However, our story did not only begin April 2017. Hill Top as a school has a long and rich history full of wonderful stories on the impact this school has had on the community.

Our school has maintained our outstanding judgment for many years but the truly outstanding thing about Hill Top is the warmth and joy everyone feels when they spend time in our school. The hard work of all that are involved with Hill Top, in particular the students, is what makes our school such a fabulous place and allows for our students to develop a love of learning.

Every morning the staff walk through the main entrance and see not only our school learning behaviours but also our motto ‘Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day’ and they know that is why we do what we do. Our pupils our paramount to the success of our school. Their successes not only as students but also as people make for our own little special haven in a small town in South Yorkshire.

'Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day’