The academy has a Governing Body to ensure that it has the capacity to improve and raise overall standards.  Ofsted considers the governing body to be part of the leadership and management of the academy, however governors do not manage the academy. That is the job of the Executive Principal, Principal and Leadership Team. Governors are there to be “a critical friend” to the Principal and the academy. However they do oversee the development of the academy – their main aim being to assist the Chief Executive Offcer, Principal and senior leaders to always provide a high standard of education for all pupils, of all abilities.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of governors who are actively involved in the life of the academy.

Our Governing Boby is made up of the following members:

Chair of local governing body

Name                                   Shared with                        Appointed by                                                                                      From                               To

Diane Dunn                      Not recorded                    Appointed by GB/board                                                               18-Nov 19                  17- Nov-23


Local governors

Name                                   Shared with                          Appointed by                                                                                     From                                 To

David Ravensdale        Not recorded                       Appointed by foundation/Trust                                             11-Mar-21                    10-Mar-25

Keith Binks                      Not recorded                      Appointed by foundation/Trust                                                 10-Feb-21                     09-Feb-25

Kerry Sutcliffe               Not recorded                      Appointed by GB/Board                                                              23-Sep-20                     22-Sep-23

Rachael Macleod         Not recorded                      Ex-officio by virtue of office as

                                                                                                                     headteacher/principal                                                   01-Sep-15             Not recorded

Sharon Dziendziel       Not recorded                      Appointed by GB/board                                                               15-May-19                  14-May-23

Kristoffer Ramsey       Not recorded                     Appointed by GB/board                                                                14-Sep-21                   13-Sep-25

Janet Ravensdale          Not recorded                     Appointed by foundation/Trust                                               11-Nov-21                  10-Nov-25


Historic (left within last 12 months)

Name                                  Role                                          Appointed by                                                                                        From                               To

Diane Dunn                     Local governor                   Appointed by GB/board                                                                18-Nov-19                   31-Aug-21

Isabella Dunkerley      Chair of local

                                                          governing body       Appointed by GB/board                                                                13-Sep-17                    31-Aug-21

Maxine Olsen                Local governor                   Appointed by GB/board                                                                 23-Sep-20                   11-Mar-21

Tony Dziendziel            Local governor                  Appointed by GB/board                                                                 13-Sep-17                    12-Sep-21

Joan Briggs                      Local governor                  Appointed by GB/board                                                                16-Jun-21                     28-Oct-21

Isabella Dunkerley      Local Governor                 Appointed by GB/board                                                                16-Jun-21                     01-Nov-21


Governor Roles and Responsibilities

Health and Safety Governor - Mr Ramsey

Safeguarding Governor - Mrs Dunn

GDPR / Data Protection - Mrs Dunn & Mrs Ravensdale

LAC Governor - Mrs Dunn

Finance Governor - Mr Ravensdale

Pupil Premium Governor - Mrs Dziendziel

Sports Premium Governor - Mr Ramsey

Literacy Governor - Mrs Dunn

Numeracy Governor - Mrs Ravensdale

Curriculum Governor - Mr Binks

Attendance Governor - Mrs Dunn

SEND Governor - Mrs Dziendziel

Leadership Governor - Mr Ramsey & Mr Brown (Link Director)

Achievement / Data Governor - Mr Binks

Website Governor - Mrs Dunn

Equality, Behaviour and Safety Governor - Mrs Ravensdale

E Safety Governor - Mrs Dunn

Single Central Record Governor - Mrs Dunn

More Able / EAL Governor - Mr Ravensdale & Mr Binks

School Council / Community Links Governor - Mrs Ravensdale

Risk Register Governor - Mr Ramsey

Well-being Governor - Mr Ramsey

EYFS - Mrs Dziendziel


Principals Performance Management Committee – Chair Mrs Dunn

Members of Committee - Mrs Dunn, Mr Ramsey, Mr Binks & Mrs Nixon

Remit - To meet with the StEP to carry out an annual review of the overall performance of the Principal and to consider and make decisions on the Principals recommendations of salary following the performance appraisal procedure.


Staff Performace Management Committee - Chair Vacancy

Members of Committee - Mr Binks, Mrs Ravensdale & Mrs Dziendziel

Remit - To meet with the Principal to carry out an annual review of the overall performance of the teachers at Hill Top Academy and to consider and make decisions on the teaching staff's  recommendations of salary's following the performance appraisal procedure.


Occasional committees do meet, they are formed ‘as and when’ from available governors, with membership according to prior involvement.  No conflict of interest must arise and of this the head cannot be a member of these. Staff Discipline and grievance – Staff discipline and grievance (appeals) – Complaints – Performance Management (appeals)


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Governor Declaration of Business Interests

Governor Attendance 2021 - 2022

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Governance Handbook 2021 / 2022