Learning Behaviours

At Hill Top we have 8 learning behaviours which drive all of our learning:









Socially Responsible


A motivated learner…

•Is ready for a challenge

•Is excited by learning new things

•Wants to achieve

•Can’t wait to ‘get stuck in’

•Believes in their abilities

•Learns because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to



An inquisitive learner…

•Asks lots of questions

•Is ready to discover new things

•Takes ownership of their learning – wants to know more!

•Is curious

•Is active in finding their own knowledge

•Is always wondering ‘WHY?’ ‘HOW?’

•Knows its ok to be wrong or have their opinions questioned by others


A creative learner…

•Likes to try doing things in lots of different ways

•Enjoys expressing their learning and their passions

•Thinks of more than one way to solve a problem

•Has the courage to take risks

•Is energetic but focused

•Can be an original thinker and do not fear being different



A resilient learner…

•Will never give up

•Is kind to themselves even when they are struggling

•Understands that making mistakes is part of high quality learning

•Is fearless

•Says ‘I can do this’  ‘I know that I will be successful’

•Believes in themselves



A reflective learner…

•Looks back at their work and considers what went well

•Makes changes and improvements

•Can talk about situations or feelings that may be difficult and think of how things could have been dealt with in a better way

•Think about what they already know

•Plan what to do next

•Support others in talking about their learning


A collaborative learner…

•Can work with anyone

•Understands what it means to be part of a team

•Works successfully with others to reach a shared goal

•Speaks kindly and positively, they encourage others

•Always gets involved

•Takes turn to speak and to listen

•Shares responsibility with others


A mindful learner…

•Is ‘in the moment’

•Recognises the emotions that they are feeling

•Accepts that all emotions are normal

•Understands that some emotions are positive and some are negative.

•Can find calmness, even when they are feeling strong, negative emotions.

•Speaks kindly to themselves and will often say ‘This feeling will pass’ ‘I am good, kind and deserve happiness’

•Celebrates their emotional well-being


A socially responsible learner…

•Cares deeply for the people around them, their community and the wider world

•Works hard to keep others safe and healthy

•Make choices that help others to have a better life

•Is passionate about changing what is wrong

•Wants to understand more about the world beyond what they understand already

•Is not afraid to use their voice to express their beliefs